My work is rooted in nature. The landscape is my focus but my attention is invariably drawn to the banks and field margins, with their abundance of flora, observing their transformation through the seasons. My interest is in the small elements which make up the bigger picture.

I approach my work by walking in the countryside around my home taking notes and sketching. I take photographs too, as source material for later work in the studio. Still life and flowers in vases serve as favourite studio subjects, especially when the cold winter wind blows outside.

I love the pared down graphic impact of monochromatic images and they feature strongly in my folio. I have been influenced by the traditional Japanese ink technique Sumi-e. Using varying dilutions of black pigment ink to capture the essence of natural subjects leaving out extraneous detail. I might also use charcoal to describe woodland, hedgerow or animals. I make prints, small lino or wood cuts and dry point etchings.

I work in water-colour merging pigments and glazes, layering and adding other media, striving to capture light, reflections, trees and plant forms. I work in oil on canvas by building up thin layers blending and spattering paint, drawing and scraping back to create texture and interest.

My responses vary, figurative images emerge, sometimes, for example, in the form of botanical studies. Occasionally a more abstract expression takes place on the paper or canvas, subliminal imagery triggered by dreams, memory or emotion.

I hope my work inspires you.

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